Le Tour de France – Emosson Adventure


The gruelling Tour de France came through our beautiful region on Wednesday and finished with a savage climb up to the stunning Emosson Dam.

Phil, Yann and Gerd decided this called for an adventure.  So on Tuesday night they had a cheese fondue followed by a moonlight climb to emosson and a tranquil camping spot for the night.

Photo 20.07.16 06 11 11Wednesday morning welcoming the sunrise and not sure what Phil is welcoming in the next shot.

Photo 20.07.16 06 51 40While waiting for the riders to get from Bern to the Barrage the boys decided to go for an explore in the mountains. Photo 20.07.16 09 50 30 Photo 20.07.16 09 52 01It was quite stunning with Mont Blanc dominating the views for most of the day.Photo 20.07.16 11 58 59Here they are waiting for the lead group to come by.  Sorry there are no pictures of the riders but the internet it full of those today.  Look at the hats instead….Photo 20.07.16 15 34 25