When Iceland Came to Visit


With the arrival of 12 Icelandic ladies we were in for an exciting first week to kick start the 2016 season.



This week was a little different to a usual week of guiding, as it was requested that we could also provide some coaching. The first few mornings we covered the fundamentals of Mountain Biking, covering basic body position, braking, cornering, front wheel lifts and bunny hops.


With excellent progress being made in the mornings we took the girls to the trails to put into practice what they learnt. The weather wasn’t particular helpful making the trails a little slippery however it didn’t phase anyone and everyone had fun.


After a nice rest day shopping in Chamonix the girls were ready to ride more amazing single-track. We headed down the valley to ride Spanish Inquisition, which offers around 1300 meters of fast and flowing single track down to the valley floor. We definitely put our waterproof shorts to the test.

IMAG0293 (1)


With one day left we headed to do The Brazilian, an awesome trail, which has over 2000 meters of vertical decent. What a trail to finish an a fantastic week on!

Phil spent the week trying to fit in…