About Us

We like to think that even the best trails in the world are nothing without the right people to ride them with. That’s why  back in 2001 we set up Bike Verbier to open up the region’s stunning natural trails to riders with an appetite for something a bit different; riders like us.  Today, after thousands of miles of exploring and many hundreds of satisfied guests, we reckon we’ve more or less cracked the formula for the perfect biking holiday.

In our book, competent, knowledgeable and friendly hosts and guides are a must for a successful holiday, so we put every bit as much energy and effort into providing these things as we put into our biking. Because we only run 1 chalet with 12 guests, we are able to continue to provide the personal service and customised holidays we’re famous for.

We appreciate that the people who visit with us work hard for their holiday and deserve something a bit special, and that’s exactly what we aim for.  Our record each year of over 60% return rate shows our guests are happy which makes us happy.  On top of that a couple of awards and a string of good reviews from Singletrack, MBR and Dirt magazine all suggest we’re right on target.

Add great accommodation, delicious food and experienced guides who know what they’re doing and where to go, and you’ll soon understand what all the fuss has been about.

We look forward to sharing our trails with you soon.

Lucy, Phil and the Bike Verbier team.