Private guiding week!

For our second week of the season we welcomed Lucy and Rich from the UK. Luckily for us they brought with them some classic English weather (sunshine, rain, wind and some more sunshine, often in the same day!).

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Waiting for the train in Martigny
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Damn, its Emosson dam

Having just two guests who were happy to do big days out with some adventure was fantastic early season training and meant we could get up to some of the higher rides to have a look and see what is clear of snow.

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Its not a Bike Verbier holiday if you don’t carry your bike sometime

Our new guide this season is Brodie Hood from Scotland. Brodie is bringing a bit of much needed youth into the team! He is beginning the journey to become an International Mountain Guide and is also into photography, which is handy because everyone likes a picture of themselves on bikes in the mountains.

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Rich says you want to ride here!

Rich and Lucy got to enjoy some the classic Bike Verbier trails such as Emosson dam, Spanish Inquisition and a couple of rides that only our Phil could come up with from the huge array of trails that are in his head- arguably the only thing that is in there!

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Don’t fall in

Bike Verbier Lucy continued to cook as if the chalet was full of hungry bikers so cake and dinner times were as difficult as the riding due to the fact we weren’t allowed to leave the table until our plates were clear. This maybe slightly untrue.

Thanks to Rich and Lucy for happily riding all week, no matter the weather or amounts of uphill we did, and not minding when Brodie wanted to take another photo!Rich 1